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Academy Director

Dear Visitor

Peace Be upon You

In line with the developments in the Telecommunications field 'generally' and Sudatel Telecom Group (STG) 'in particular'

and in line with Sudatel’s Telecom Academy (Sudacad) vision and mission coupled with our strongbelief in the

core & pivotal role played by the level of intimate communication with all stakeholders, I pleased to welcome

all Sudacad Website’s Browsers, "especially" those interested in enhancing their skills and developing their

competencies. “By the grace of Allah” This Website will lead you to a number of  activities and programs

that represent the latest modes of knowledge and best practice in the field of Human Capital Management

and its various stages of attracting, recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining of talent in

the Telecommunication industry 'in particular', and other lines of business. The significance of the role

played by the Human Capital in enhancing and sustaining economical growth is unquestionable.

This is simply due to the role played by Human Capital in all walks of life and particularly in the

realization of all ambitions and strategic goals both at the corporate and individual level. Sudacad,

driven by its awareness of the importance of the development of the Human Capital and its effective management

and fueled by its vision and mission works diligently towards the achievement of its strategic objectives and

aspires to strengthen its position locally and internationally, and avail its partners in success, a facility that

meets their needs and satisfy their ambitions. We are pleased indeed, to launch this website in its new

format and “updated content” to be a safe haven for all who seek excellence and strive for success at the

individual or the corporate level both within and outside of the Telecommunication field.

Welcome to your “Gateway to Success"

Sudacad Director